Gum Treatment (Periodontology)


Gum Treatment (Periodontology)

Periodontal diseases are inflammatory diseases that affect the gums and other tissues supporting the teeth. Periodontal diseases are responsible for 70% of tooth loss in adults. When these diseases are diagnosed early, they can be treated easily and successfully. Prevention or treatment of periodontal disease brings other benefits, such as the preservation of natural teeth, improved chewing and better digestion.

Inadequate or ineffective oral dental care accelerates the formation of gingival problems. Gum diseases are quite common in the society at a high level of 75%. When gingivitis increases, it causes melting of the bone tissue that holds the teeth and the teeth become loose and lost even if they are free of decay. When gum diseases progress, they also negatively affect our general health.

Treatment Methods


The inside of deep gingival pockets are cleaned with curettage and root surface smoothing is applied to the surface that has lost its lubricity.

Flap Operations;

Flap operation can be performed under limited anesthesia in gingival diseases that have progressed to bone tissue.

Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty;

In addition, gingival shortening (gingivectomy) and shaping (gingivoplasty) can be applied for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes.

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