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Smile Design – Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is an important branch of dentistry that deals with the health and aesthetic reorganization of the mouth and dental area. Its main theme is a healthy smile design. Smile design is to renew a personalized ideal smile with health and naturalness. The important thing is to create an aesthetic smile expression that suits you within the medical rules.

In addition to their main functions (chewing, speaking, etc.), our teeth aesthetically affect our self-confidence in society. Our smile is a very important factor in our communication with people. Discoloration and deformities in the teeth can cause problems up to psychological disorders in the individual. Studies have shown that an individual who is confident in his/her smile is much happier and more successful in social, business and daily life compared to other individuals.

Our teeth reflect our smile and our smile reflects our energy. A beautiful smile means personal self-confidence. The branch of dentistry that deals with this is called ‘aesthetic dentistry’. The aesthetic dentist must first get to know the patient and perceive their expectations. It should not be forgotten that the treatment to be applied to each individual is different.

Special tastes of our patients, socio-economic level, professional factors and many similar issues should be examined here. Then, physical factors come into play. The aesthetic dentist should design a smile that the patient will perceive as pleasant and attractive and correct the defective appearance.

What are the Advantages?

  • With the smile design in question, you can have extremely symmetrical and aesthetic teeth.
  • Teeth and gums are provided to reach a healthy size.
  • The most suitable smile shape is determined for the person’s facial features. In this way, the person will have a much more energetic mood.
  • Since it is an application made by taking into account the expectations of the person, 100% satisfaction can be achieved at the end of the procedure.
  • Self-confidence problems caused by oral and dental problems are also prevented.
  • As a result of a perfect smile, a perfect appearance is achieved.

What should be considered?

While planning the smile design, points such as facial features, eyes and ears, nose and chin are taken into consideration.
A dynamic harmony is created by determining the tooth forms. Lip shape is of great importance during these procedures. The lip and chin area is made ready for smile design by creating procedures such as botox if necessary.

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