Evolution Of Orthodontics: From Metal Braces To Invisible Dental Aligners

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Evolution Of Orthodontics: From Metal Braces To Invisible Dental Aligners

Today, orthodontic treatments help us significantly for a perfect smile. This way, we eliminate crooked teeth and unaesthetic smiles that damage self-confidence and achieve a more aesthetic and smoother mouth and teeth structure.

The field of orthodontics has undergone significant changes and developments over the years until it became what it is today. The most tangible indicator of this process over the years has been the changes in metal braces, which were once an indispensable part of orthodontic treatments. 

In this article, we will first briefly explain what orthodontics is. Then, we will take a look at the evolution of orthodontics over time. We will also touch upon the contributions of this process, which you will read especially through the dental appliances used, to modern dentistry and patient satisfaction. 

Aesthetics and Functionality Together: Orthodontics

Although orthodontic treatments mostly start with aesthetic concerns, it is also a very functional treatment due to its significant contribution to general jaw and dental health. In orthodontic treatments, which are based on the correction and alignment of crooked teeth, various apparatuses have always been used throughout the years.

Considering the age groups, fixed or removable appliances are generally preferred for children, while metal or transparent teeth straighteners are used for adults. Nevertheless, age is not the only consideration. Keep in mind that your orthodontist can decide on the most appropriate treatment for you. 

The Evolutionary Process Of Orthodontics

One of the most important aesthetic goals for many people is to have a beautiful smile after the treatment. To this end, in the early years of orthodontic therapies, braces, and other appliances were made of metal. Metal braces were very durable and gave successful results for years. However, as mentioned at the beginning, this orthodontic treatment, which was undertaken with aesthetic concerns, started to be questioned with another aesthetic concern. Patients wanted to have aesthetically good-looking teeth during the treatment, too. But metal braces were easily visible from the outside. Although this situation was tolerated to some extent in children, it created resistance to this treatment, especially in adults. 

Innovations With Developing Technology

Technology has advanced in dentistry as in every aspect of life, and metal braces and appliances have been replaced by less visible orthodontic treatments. Here are the orthodontic treatment alternatives that have entered our lives with the development of technology:

Clear Braces:

Clear braces can be natural tooth-colored or transparent. They are great appliances to eliminate the aesthetic problems seen with metal braces. This treatment, which is often preferred by adult patients, is suitable for mild to moderately impaired teeth.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are positioned completely on the inner surface of the tooth. Thus, they are invisible and inconspicuous. Lingual braces are aesthetically very popular, but the price is usually higher than other alternatives.  In addition, some users may be uncomfortable with the contact of the lingual brackets with the tongue.


Invisalign consists of invisible clear plastic aligners that correct by gradually moving the teeth in the desired direction. These aligners are custom-made for each patient according to the shape and size of the mouth. The biggest innovation of Invisalign is that it can be removed and worn back. Invisalign treatment is especially ideal for the treatment of mild to moderately crowded teeth.

Clear Aligner

Clear aligner, having a similar structure to Invisalign, basically aims to correct crooked teeth with the help of transparent aligners. Clear aligners, which are offered to the market by different brands, are generally more affordable than Invisalign, but their area of usage is not yet as wide as Invisalign.

As you can see, each treatment method can have its pros and cons. After a thorough examination by an orthodontic specialist, you and your dentist can decide which type of treatment is best for you.

The Future Of Orthodontic Treatments

It is clear that changing and specialized needs have triggered the developments in the field of orthodontics. In this direction, it can be expected that artificial intelligence and 3D technologies will increasingly enter our lives. 

While these technologies seem to be very successful in personalizing dental treatments, it will also be possible to shorten treatment times thanks to these technologies. Another issue that is likely to be emphasized in the future in orthodontic treatments is to make the treatments less painful and more comfortable. 

As a result, recent advancements project that orthodontic treatments will be more personalized, faster, and more comfortable in the future.

Healthy And Beautiful Smiles With Melsadent

Orthodontic treatments are an effective and reliable way to get rid of crooked teeth and have a straight and pleasant-looking smile. Although traditionally used metal braces still exist, you now know that you have many orthodontic treatment options.

Melsadent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic is the only address you should choose for orthodontic treatment in the Tuzla region. In our clinic, all treatments that will give you a perfect smile, healthy teeth, and mouth structure are offered by the best dentists in the field. In addition, a hygienic and comfortable environment, affordable prices, personalized treatment options, and many more privileges await you at Melsadent.

At Melsadent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, patients who need orthodontic treatment are offered Invisalign, transparent braces, lingual braces, and clear aligner options. The orthodontist and the patient come together to discuss the alternatives to make the best choice to solve the problem.

Remember, orthodontic treatment is very important not only for aesthetics but also for your general oral and dental health. Make your appointment today!

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