Understanding Dental Fear: Tips and Techniques for a Stress-Free Visit


Understanding Dental Fear: Tips and Techniques for a Stress-Free Visit

Dental phobia is a significant source of stress for many patients, even if it varies in degree. Nowadays, modern dental clinics, state-of-the-art devices, experienced physicians, and auxiliary staff have greatly reduced the fear of dentists, but still, for some patients, dentists, dental chairs, treatment equipment, or even talking about dental treatment topics can be a source of stress.

In this article, we thoroughly examine dental phobia from all angles. First, we will show the causes of dental phobia and the potential outcomes it may lead to. Then, we will offer some advice that may be useful for those experiencing this stress. At the end of the article, you can learn how Melsadent Dental Clinic approaches patients who have dental phobia.

Why Does Dental Treatment Cause Fear?

Firstly, it must be accepted that being afraid of the dentist or dental treatments in general is quite natural. It can have very deep psychological roots. However, in the context of this article, we will look at more visible reasons. Looking at the situations encountered, the possible reasons for dental phobia are as follows:

Past Traumas

Especially dental treatment experiences in childhood (pedodontics) can affect individuals into adulthood. When painful or incorrect dental treatments are added to this, patients may not be able to cope with the fear of the dentist, regardless of how advanced current technologies and conditions are.

Dentist’s Attitudes

The relationship between dentists and their patients holds a significant place during treatment processes. Particularly indifferent or careless attitudes can turn patients away from dentists and dentistry. A patient who is already hesitant about sitting in the dentist’s chair may become anxious, thinking that the treatment will go poorly or not be beneficial due to the dentist’s approach.

Dental Treatment

Materials For many patients, perhaps the biggest source of stress and fear is the basic tools and equipment used by dentists. Especially tools like aerators that spin inside the mouth can be a source of stress for patients, both because of the noise they make and the bad taste they leave in the mouth.

What Are the Consequences of Fear of the Dentist?

Fear of the dentist can lead to different outcomes in children and adults and can vary in how it unfolds. While children may show more open reactions, like crying or running away without suppressing their fears, adults tend to show more limited reactions.

Looking at common outcomes, fear of the dentist puts many patients into a vicious cycle. Accordingly, initial anxiety or fear drives the patient to avoid dental treatments. Over time, various dental and oral problems develop in these patients. Thus, patients face a new problem in addition to their fear of dentistry. Now, in addition to their teeth looking aesthetically unappealing, they start to experience problems with functional abilities like chewing and speaking. These kinds of problems cause both physical and psychological harm to patients. As a result, the re-emergence of anxiety and fear is inevitable.

Advice for Those Who Experience

Fear of the Dentist Experts offer many suggestions for patients who experience fear of the dentist. Here are some notable pieces of advice:

  • If you think the source of your fear is the possibility of experiencing pain, you can discuss anesthesia options again with your dentist. In certain situations, you can receive dental treatment under general anesthesia. This way, you won’t feel any pain.
  • Your choice of dentist is important. A dentist with whom you can communicate easily, who is caring and friendly, will make you feel much more comfortable.
  • Some patients want to know every detail of the planned treatment process inside the mouth. You should decide this considering your own situation. If knowing the details of the operation process makes you feel good, you should ask your dentist. If hearing such details makes you uncomfortable, it might be a better idea to avoid discussing these details.
  • You can use some special breathing techniques. Simply taking deep breaths often works, but with some special breathing techniques, you can experience a much more comfortable treatment process.
  • Seeing the clinic where you will receive treatment before the treatment, and seeing happy patients who have received the planned treatment for you will make you feel more comfortable. You can take some time for this.
  • Even if there are no problems with your teeth, going to dental check-ups regularly can help you gradually get used to the dentist’s chair and avoid bigger treatments in the future.
  • Especially, you can follow the latest technologies related to the dental treatment you need to receive. Many of the advancing dental technologies focus on treatments that cause the least pain to patients, are completed in the shortest time, and heal the quickest. Hearing about these developments will comfort you. Also, by choosing dentists and dental clinics that use these kinds of technologies, you can receive your treatment in the most comfortable way possible.

How Does Melsadent Approach Patients Who Fear the Dentist?

MelsdentAt Melsadent, we understand patients who fear the dentist very well. If going to the dentist and sitting in the dentist’s chair creates serious anxiety for you, Melsadent offers you the highest quality service in the most comfortable way.

The professional experience, educational backgrounds, and communication skills of our clinicians at our clinic make our patients feel that they are in good hands. Patients who fear the dentist can share their fears or hesitations with our clinicians thanks to our open communication policy.

Our clinicians listen carefully to patients and support them throughout the entire process, starting before the treatment.

If you do not have a companion during your treatment, our clinic can assign a nurse to provide the support you may need. If you do not speak Turkish, our staff who speak your language or English will make all arrangements and consultations for you to have a comfortable and trouble-free treatment process.

In some cases of extreme anxiety or fear, our clinicians may discuss using different sedation techniques with patients. Thus, you may not even feel the minor pains that you might experience during the treatment process.

In conclusion, Melsadent aims to provide the highest quality service to its patients in a comfortable and stress-free manner, from the simplest dental treatments to the most comprehensive oral surgery procedures.

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