Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

Crooked teeth are one of the most bothersome issues for people in their smiles today. In addition to this, other factors such as spaced teeth and the incompatibility of the jaws with each other can negatively affect both the arrangement of the teeth and the overall facial aesthetics, distorting the chewing function and appearance. All of these issues related to tooth alignment and jaw structure can be resolved with orthodontic treatment, also known as braces treatment.

Braces Become Invisible!

If you’re considering different treatment options to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, you may have heard of lingual orthodontic practices. Lingual braces, also known as invisible braces, are a popular teeth straightening treatment because they are almost completely invisible.

What is Lingual Orthodontics?

In lingual orthodontic practices, braces are attached not to the outside of the teeth, but to the inside. You can think of it as braces applied from the inside. Lingual braces have several advantages compared to traditional braces. The main advantage is an aesthetic appearance because Lingual braces are an invisible braces from the front and are completely invisible when you smile. This makes them a perfect option for patients who want to avoid high-visibility traditional braces.

Lingual orthodontics helps your teeth grow straight by applying small but constant pressure to your teeth. You can have lingual orthodontic applications done at Hospitadent branches equipped with the latest technology by specialist orthodontist doctors.

Lingual Braces Prices

Lingual braces cost more than traditional braces. This is because the treatment requires expert training, customized, and computer-aided design technology. Lingual orthodontics offers a fully personalized solution made in a dental laboratory to fit your teeth perfectly. It may take longer to place the wires on the inner surface of the teeth than traditional braces. The technology used, factors such as more frequent and longer appointment times, increase the cost of lingual orthodontics compared to traditional wires.

The only way to evaluate your eligibility for lingual orthodontics applications and to get an accurate price quote for treatment costs is to have a face-to-face meeting with expert orthodontists at Dental Group Hospitadent branches equipped with the latest technology. This way, expert doctors can closely evaluate your needs, concerns, and treatment expectations and offer the best solution for you.

Transparent Braces Treatment

Are you unhappy with your smile and want to get your teeth straightened? But you also don’t want to walk around with braces? Then you may want to try treatment with transparent aligners. Dental Group Hospitadent offers orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners at all its branches, equipped with advanced technology in dental treatments and with an expert team, for patients who do not want to wear braces and prefer more aesthetic options.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of misaligned teeth and jawbone compatibility problems. The dentist specialized in the field of orthodontics is called an orthodontist. Orthodontic treatments are based on the principle of moving teeth in a certain direction and speed with various orthodontic devices by a specialist orthodontist. Thus, over time, the teeth are brought to their ideal position and alignment disorders are corrected.

What is transparent aligner or invisalign treatment?

If you do not want to use traditional braces for aesthetic reasons, but still want a beautiful smile, using transparent aligners to get your teeth in the desired position in a short time is a good alternative. In this orthodontic treatment method called Invisalign, correction treatment for crookedness, congestion, rarity, and positioning problems in teeth is performed without using braces with the help of transparent aligners specially prepared in the laboratory.

The aligners used are made entirely of transparent material and have a better aesthetic appearance. The most important factor in the preference of transparent aligners by individuals is that it is not noticed by others that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. This method, known as transparent braces in public, actually does not use wires. Transparent braces also pass as porcelain braces.

Transparent aligners can be used after the braces are removed. Your doctor will give you the most accurate information on this.

What are the advantages of transparent aligner treatment?

Orthodontic treatment with transparent braces is more comfortable than treatment with braces called braces brackets. This is because it does not cause side effects such as stinging, pain, and wounds in the mouth as in braces. Since the aligners are made of a very soft material, they do not bother the person.

Being able to easily remove and put on transparent aligners during eating or brushing teeth offers flexible use. This way, a person can eat whatever they want, one of the biggest advantages over braces. Another major advantage is that tooth cleaning is easy. While it is difficult to clean the food that enters the teeth in wire usage, transparent aligners can be removed and teeth can be brushed normally. As it is known, braces are fixed and stay on your tooth throughout the treatment process.

There is also no negative effect on speech and there is no need to remove it in situations that require smooth speech such as presentations, meetings. Therefore, it is preferred more by individuals who think that orthodontic treatment will affect work and school life, and who need to communicate frequently with people.

The fact that they are mostly unnoticed by others due to the transparency of the aligners gives the person comfort in terms of aesthetics. For these reasons, it is preferred more frequently by adults. Although it is more expensive than traditional wire treatment, it is more advantageous due to the comfort of the treatment and the success rate is almost 100%. In addition, with the invisalign method, you have the opportunity to see in 3D with a special software how your teeth will come to a position before starting the treatment.

Who is transparent aligner suitable for?

Transparent aligner or invisalign treatment is a treatment method that can be applied to all children and adults suitable for treatment. This treatment method is often suitable for those with moderate and mild crookedness problems. It can be easily applied to individuals with reasonable abnormalities in their teeth and jaw structures. However, having very crooked teeth does not mean that treatment cannot be applied. However, there are some tooth movements that transparent aligner treatment cannot do. The only way to understand this is to consult a specialist orthodontic specialist. Some of the potential situations where treatment may not be possible:

Having very wide gaps between teeth.

There are embedded teeth in the jawbones.

The list can go on with abnormalities in the jaw structure.

How long does transparent aligner treatment last?

Like in all other dental treatments, the duration of treatment varies from person to person and the size of the problem and the patient’s compliance with the treatment affect this period. Provided that the aligners are worn for at least 20 hours a day as recommended by the doctor, treatment is completed in about 8 to 10 months in about 60% of cases. In the remaining 40%, a period of 14 months may be necessary. In rare cases, treatment may need to be continued for up to 16 months.

Are there any health hazards of transparent aligners?

Transparent aligners are specially manufactured in modern laboratories, and therefore the materials they are made of do not contain any components harmful to health.

Will there be a recurrence in the teeth after treatment? After orthodontic treatment with braces or transparent aligners, a thin protective wire is placed inside to stabilize the position of the teeth. In addition, your dentist will tell you how you should behave after treatment and make suggestions. If you behave according to the recommendations, your likelihood of having problems after treatment will be very low.

How old can children receive invisalign treatment?

In order to receive invisalign treatment, first of all, all your child’s baby teeth must have fallen out. In addition, the second large molar tooth is also requested to have erupted. These correspond to approximately 12-13 years of age. Accordingly, orthodontic treatment with transparent aligner can be applied to any individual between the ages of 12-80 who meet the necessary conditions without any age restriction.

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