Emax Coating

Emax Coating

What is Emax Veneer?

In dentistry, various veneer materials are used to provide patients with a natural and aesthetic appearance. Emax, also known as full porcelain dental veneer, is a porcelain material that is produced by firing ceramic without any metal support, thereby increasing its durability. This ceramic material known as emax, which combines strength and beauty, is one of the aesthetic materials preferred by dentists due to its lack of metal content and its high light permeability.

Which Teeth Can Emax Veneers Be Applied To?

Emax veneers are often applied to anterior teeth by dentists due to the lack of metal content, high light permeability, the natural and aesthetic appearance it provides, and its long lifespan. It can also be applied to teeth in the mouth that do not require excessive force. Other areas where emax veneer is preferred are as follows.
Yellowed Teeth: Teeth that have changed color due to consumed food, drinks, and age are also within the application area of emax veneer.
Crooked Teeth: This type of veneer is preferred to correct and restore the structure of teeth that have a defective shape, position, and alignment.
Broken Teeth: It is also used in the treatment of teeth damaged due to deep dental caries or trauma-induced fractures.
Root Canal Treated Teeth: Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment can tend to change color and be prone to breaking. Emax crown / veneer is also preferred for the repair of such discolored and break-prone teeth.

Advantages of Emax Veneer

One of the biggest advantages of emax veneer is its aesthetic appearance. Furthermore, the fact that it does not contain any metal material and therefore will not cause any reaction in the patient makes emax veneer reliable. Being compatible with the human body and bone structure is among the reasons for its preference. In addition to being aesthetic, its high light permeability and the similarity to the natural tooth make this veneer important. Emax dental veneer is made of ceramic glass and therefore has sufficient durability against chewing behavior. Its durability supports its long lifespan. The slick surface of the emax veneer prevents tartar formation on the tooth and thus prevents the occurrence of gum diseases.

Disadvantages of Emax Veneer

Because it does not contain metal material, dentists prefer not to use it on the back molar teeth. It can be a bit more costly compared to veneers that use metal, but this cost is negligible thanks to its aesthetic appearance.

How Long Can Emax Veneer Be Used?

Although it will vary depending on the user’s usage, if regular oral care is performed and the dentist is visited for check-ups, it can be used problem-free for many years.

How is Emax Veneer Applied?

Emax veneer, which can be applied in a practical way by dentists, is first thoroughly examined during the dental examination, and it is decided which teeth will be veneered according to the patient’s needs and wishes. Afterward, the size of the teeth to be veneered is taken and sent to the laboratory for preparation. The preparation time varies depending on how many teeth will be applied. As long as there are no oral and dental problems, the veneers are applied to the patient’s teeth once they are ready. You too can get an appointment for a check-up and get detailed information to have healthier and more aesthetic smiles.

Emax Veneer Prices

Factors such as the material and quality of the veneer to be used and how many teeth it will be applied to affect the price of emax teeth. In addition, the quality and quantity of your veneer can also cause a change in price.

Compared to porcelain veneers, we can say that it is a bit more expensive process as its production process and bonding procedure are more detailed.

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