Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist : Preparing For A Positive Experience

Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist : Preparing For A Positive Experience

Oral and dental health requires regular care and accurate treatment when necessary. Adults know it well, sometimes painfully well, though. But, what babies? When should you take your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist for the first time? What should you do before and after the appointment? 

We all know about the fear of the dentist one way or another. In the same way, our children can be nervous when going to their first dentist appointment or during the examination. In this article, we focus on children’s first visits to the dentist. we offer some simple but effective tips for parents to minimize their child’s fear or anxiety. We hope that this article will be useful to everyone who needs it.

Why Is Your Child’s First Visit To The Dentist Important?

The child’s first visit to the dentist is very exciting for many parents, but it can also be a nervous process at the same time. A child’s first dental visit is important because it provides an opportunity to observe not only the teeth but also the overall oral health of the child. In addition, upon the first dentist visit, parents can get expert advice on what they can do for their child’s oral health at home, and how they can communicate with their child at home about dental hygiene routines. 

Although a lot of parents are very concerned about their children’s oral and dental health, they certainly do not want their children to develop dentophobia (fear of dentists). Therefore, when taking children to their first dental appointment, we should consider all aspects of the process and ensure that their first dentist visit is a positive experience while protecting their oral health.

In this article, we look at children’s first dentist visits. In this context, we provide information on how to make the first dental visit a positive experience for your child. In this way, we hope that parents will be better informed and prepared for this important appointment. Finally, we will talk about the advantages of choosing Melsadent for children’s first dental visits. 

When Should You Take Your Child For The First Dentist Visit?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children’s first dental visit should be made before the age of 1. This is when the child’s first few teeth appear. Thus, an effective examination during this period is important in many ways.

Why Are Children’s Dental Visits So Important?

A positive and productive first appointment will be very beneficial for children’s current and future oral and dental health. However, the benefits are not limited to the first appointment only. The first visit and following periodical appointments are highly important. Here are the most notable advantages of continued dental visits for children:

  • Early diagnosis and treatment
  • Minimum fear of the dentist
  • Developing useful habits (tooth brushing and eating and drinking recommendations)
  • Prospective risk assessment
  • Monitoring the dental development
  • Parental guidance

What Should You Do To Make Your Child’s First Dentist Visit A Better Experience?

As mentioned above, children’s first dental visit is an important issue both for parents and children. Below you can find the critical points to be considered during the first dental visit in stages: 

Consider these before you visit the dentist:

  • Choose a good pediatrician. Pediatricians specialize in working with children. In this way, they can establish a friendlier communication with your child.
  • Use Positive Language. Avoid using dental terms that may cause anxiety for your child. For example, you can talk about teeth cleaning instead of tooth extraction.
  • Play doctor. At home, examine the teeth of a stuffed animal together and brush them with a toothbrush.
  • Use books and videos. You can watch videos with your child about visits to the dentist that are not visually disturbing. You can also read stories about this topic to your child.

Consider these on the day of the visit:

  • Stay calm. Your child may be emotionally affected by you. Show him/her that you are not worried, but rather excited about his/her dental health.
  • Let him/her explore. If the dental clinic you visit allows it, take the necessary precautions and let your child wander around the office.
  • Getting acquainted with the environment is relaxing. Introduce your child to the dentist and his or her assistant without a mask and have a short chat before the examination.
  • Use toys. If your child has a favorite toy or a favorite blanket that they play with at home, consider taking it with you to the dentist’s place. This will make him/her feel safe.

Consider these during the examination:

  • Be there for your child. Even if you are busy, find some time for your family, be there, and support your child at this important moment.
  • Let him/her ask questions to the dentist. Encourage your child to ask questions to the dentist or other staff at the clinic. This kind of dialogue can help reduce your child’s anxiety.
  • Give positive reinforcement. Praise your child for his/her courage and cooperation and tell him/her that he/she is doing a good job.

Consider these after the visit:

  • Continue with positive reinforcement. Congratulate and reward the child’s patience and success. The reward could be going to a park or doing anything he/she likes.
  • Brush your teeth together. After the first examination, you can now turn the tooth-brushing routine into a fun activity by doing it together.

Children’s Oral And Dental Health At Melsadent

Melsadent is the best dental clinic in the Tuzla region in Istanbul. With its modern and well-equipped facilities and experienced and talented dental staff, it provides thousands of patients from Turkey and abroad with more beautiful smiles. Melsadent is respected among Tuzla dental clinics for its perfect service and 100% patient satisfaction approach.

Melsadent Dental Clinic, which you can safely choose for your children’s oral and dental health, meticulously follows your children from the first examination and onwards with competent and caring pedodontists. In addition to periodic oral and dental checkups, in case of any problem you may encounter at any period of child development, it offers practical solutions quickly by providing you with the most suitable treatment options for your child.

If you are looking for the best dentist or clinic for your child, you should visit Melsadent.


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