Smile Design

Smile Design

Smile design can be described as a holistic dental treatment in its most general definition. This holistic treatment, which includes the patients’ smile line and is applied to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile, can cover many different treatment procedures depending on the patient’s needs. Smile design is a treatment applied for the person to have an aesthetic smile suitable for him/her and his/her oral and dental health. Smile design can contain multiple applications.

What is Smile Design?

Factors such as tooth decay, unhealthy gums, tooth loss, irregularities in the teeth, and dark colorations can cause significant problems in people’s social life and self-confidence over time, leading to negatives such as avoiding laughing in society.

Moreover, no matter how beautiful your teeth are, if they do not have a harmonious image with other structures on your face, they cannot create a complete aesthetic situation. A smile involves not only teeth but also the shapes of facial bones, the shapes and movements of facial muscles, and the harmonies of other structures on the face. Therefore, aesthetic smile design is a concept that is unique to each individual, has different qualities in everyone, and requires the use of personalized methods when changes are planned.

Humans have benefited from the concept called the golden ratio while seeking aesthetic perfection for centuries. The situation called the golden ratio on the face is possible by calculating the shapes of the face and their ratios to each other correctly. Digital smile design is an initiative made using calculations towards the golden ratio, making the teeth healthier after they have been made more suitable for face shapes, and planning a more aesthetic smile using special computer programs.

What is the Golden Ratio?

In essence, it is accepted that there is a mathematical harmony between everything we define as beautiful in nature. This harmony has been calculated as a numerical value. This value, which naturally exists in nature, has been used for many years in plastic arts such as painting, sculpture, and architecture.

In aesthetic applications, besides symmetry, this mathematical value is taken into account when calculating the harmony of facial shapes. A closeness to this value is sought in many measurements such as the distance between the eyes, the distance between the nose and lips, the proportion of the mouth and lip edges to the face lines, the smile line. This value, which can be calculated in almost every situation that appears harmonious and beautiful to the human eye, is called the golden ratio.

What are the Advantages of Smile Design?

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile that makes them happy when they look in the mirror. It’s now much easier to reach a more beautiful smile in the light of new technologies.

With today’s developed digital technologies, ideal smiles and teeth can be designed in a computer environment according to the ratios of facial shapes with each other and the wishes of the person and applied to the patient’s mouth. The golden ratio calculations taken into account during this design not only allow the teeth but also a whole smile and facial aesthetics.

The method called digital smile design is the design of the most suitable smile for the person by considering the golden ratio on the face. Dental Group Hospitadent serves you in all its branches with its innovative treatment approach that follows the latest technologies and its expert doctor staff for a brand new smile.

The Time You Need to Allocate for Smile Design

After the necessary measurements are made on the first examination day and the design is done in a computer environment, it can take a few days to create temporary molds. The time for the digital smile design to be permanently applied to the patient’s mouth varies depending on the planned treatments.

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